New Deal for New York

Since the recession began in 2008—and even before—CVH has been working with its partners to ensure that low-income people and communities are not left behind in the effort to revitalize our economy. We were part of an effort that secured $4 billion in capital funds from the federal government for public housing through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).

CVH is now a part of the NY Stimulus Alliance, a coalition of six organizing networks, multi-chapter organizations, and four policy/research partners who have joined together for the purpose of tracking federal stimulus money coming into NYS and maximizing its positive impact for marginalized communities.

The alliance has four principal goals:

  • Creating transparency and accountability through public education and the dissemination of research to illustrate how stimulus money is, and is not, reaching all New Yorkers—especially communities of color and poor neighborhoods.
  • Ensuring equity and opportunity, through direct negotiations, advocacy, and action meetings between community leaders and the public officials (at all levels of government) who are responsible for distributing and programming the ARRA funds in specific funding streams, especially in the crucial areas of community development, housing, transportation, weatherization, and workforce development.
  • Building capacity and enhancing visibility for grassroots leaders through collaboration, special training, and strengthening local organizing groups in their interactions with the media, public officials, and recruitment of new members in public education meetings and actions.
  • Increase the long-term capacity for state organizing alliances by building on the working relationships that develop through this project, which will enable leaders to increase their trust and capacity for joint state and federal policy work.