Welfare & Workforce Development

 New York State is the most unequal state in the country. The top 1% has 35% of the income share. In New York City it is even worse, with the wealthiest 1% having 44% of the income share. Welfare policy changes that push for “work first” over education and training result in relegating a population of New Yorkers to permanent poverty. At the same time, welfare recipients are made to work for free in unpaid positions around the state – denied all of the rights and benefits provided for other workers. CVH’s Building the Workforce Campaign brings welfare recipients together to fight for improvements in welfare policy, access to good training programs, and the creation of real jobs with real wages.

  • Winning the creation of a city-based Parks Opportunity Program that provides employment for nearly 3,500 participants per year.
  • Winning the creation of a statewide Transitional Jobs Program that provided employment to close to 3,000 additional welfare recipients across the state.
Current Campaign Goals:
  • Ending workfare, a mandated unpaid work program for welfare recipients, in New York State.
  • Expanding paid Transitional Jobs programs (short-term, subsidized jobs) across all City agencies and into all job types in NYC.
  • Maintaining funding for the statewide Transitional Jobs and Career Pathways programs.
Get Involved!
Contact Welfare & Workforce Organizer Jennifer Hadlock at 212-860-6001, ext. 26, or e-mail jennifer@cvhaction.org.