Community Voices Heard believes that a truly inter-sectional analysis of systems of oppression and exposing the different types of discrimination and disadvantage that occur as a consequence of the combination of identities is how we will achieve a just New York State. 



Housing Is A Human Right! CVH believes that safe, affordable and stable housing is a human right. We work to ensure that housing policies prioritize and deliver true affordability for low-income and working families across New York State.

Affordable housing units - be they single family homes, multi-family homes or rental units - should be safe and in good repair.

Job & Safety Net Programs

Economic Protection is a right for all! Full employment and economic protection requires real welfare reform mandating the strengthening our safety net programs. CHV believes that every person capable and wanting to work has the right to a job that allows for, affords and or provides  self-sufficiency, dignity, respect a livable wage, health benefits, paid parental/guardian leave, and affordable childcare.

We are committed to building and advancing a New York State economy that is affirming and supportive of all -- families, people of color, LGBTQ+, and or differently abled low-income, working class persons. 


Public Transit is a civil right!  Just transportation requires that workers rights and civil rights are upheld for all persons. CVH fights for all New Yorkers-- regardless of age, race, physical ability, or class --have a right to accessible and affordable public transportation.

We  feel it is critical to highlight the connection between high quality public transportation and climate justice --in the form of clean/renewable energy -- for the livelihood of the differently abled, low-income residents and residents of color that are disproportionately affected by service cuts and interruptions.



A truly just New York State is one in which the most impacted communities control the laws institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us- from schools to local budgets, police departments, land and economies. We firmly believe in community oversight committees that determine community funding, set and enforce policies, determine disciplinary action in the case of misconduct related to police officers 



We seek to decrease the rate of recidivism by removing barriers and restoring opportunities to formerly incarcerated persons. We support initiatives such as ‘Ban the Box’  and will continue to mobilize and partner with black and brown communities to shift resources away from prisons and towards opportunities and initiatives that foster healthy, thriving and safe communities.

Immigration Reform

No Human Being is Illegal.

We seek to be a leader on a just immigration reform plan. We are actively committed to the creation of a clear and direct path to citizenship, keeping families together, and safeguarding the of civil rights.



The racial and economic disparity among victims of environmental pollution are stark. Low-income communities of color remain deeply underrepresented in the climate justice movement. CVH affirms that climate change and environmental pollution are civil-rights issues.

The climate crisis offers a unique opportunity to reshape our economic system and create real and healthy alternatives to black and brown communities.