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Ann Valdez

Member in New York City

Member since: November 2002

How did she find out about CVH?

Ann was part of an HRA program called Wildcat, which was a transitional work program. During that time, CVH organizers were sent to various Work Experience Program (WEP) locations to campaign for better work opportunities for minorities. An organizer recruited Ann at one of the WEP sites, and Ann was called to action. She has organized for the betterment of her community ever since.


Why is she a CVH member?

Ann has been living in public housing and has been an advocate for her community for most of her life. She has participated in almost every CVH campaign, include the WEP campaign and the Parks Opportunity Program campaign. Ann has been building power with other members both federally and locally for 20 years and is still continually fighting against injustice with CVH.

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