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Every person should be guaranteed safe, decent, and affordable housing.

Yet our laws, policies, and investments continue to prioritize real estate profits and the wealthy,  instead of prioritizing regular, working people. Rents and mortgages are increasing at rates that outpace growth in income and earnings. As a result, nearly half of all renters across New York State are rent-burdened — meaning over 30 percent of their income goes toward rent — and evictions are rising across New York.

Our communities are stronger when everyone has access to decent, stable housing.

Skyrocketing rents, eviction, and homelessness fall disproportionately on Black and Latinx people, who are more likely to face housing insecurity, more likely to rent instead of own their homes, and more likely to be homeless because of exclusionary policies like background checks. Housing justice is racial justice. 


We are building power in New York City and the Hudson Valley.

Our members are leading the fight locally, statewide, and nationally for tenant protections, social housing, opportunities for people of color to purchase homes, and access to housing for families impacted by mass incarceration. Join us in the fight for housing justice!

Sign our petition for rent stabilization in Poughkeepsie!




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