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Public housing is the largest source of affordable housing in New York City and a critical source of housing in the Hudson Valley, especially for low-income families.

For decades, CVH members have been sounding the alarm about dire conditions in public housing, and have successfully fought for increased state and local funding. Still, billions of dollars are needed to rehabilitate our public housing stock. The problems besieging public housing are a product of the political choice of elected officials to disinvest in our communities. 


Public Housing is in disrepair because the Federal, State, and City government have made the political choice to give public dollars to corporations, and reduce funding for public housing. Public housing was originally built for white, working class people. As federal policy subsidized homeownership in the suburbs for white families, explicitly excluding Black neighborhoods and families,  and public housing was increasingly filled by Black and Latinx families, the Federal government began decreasing funding. The condition of New York’s public housing today and continued lack of sufficient funding is a racial justice issue.

CVH members are fighting for resident choice and control about the future of their developments.

We are fighting to reverse decades of decreasing funding. And we are holding NYCHA accountable to its residents. If you are a public housing resident, join our fight to invest in public housing!


  • Resident Choice

  • Fund Public Housing



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