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CVH is home to hundreds of low-income families and individuals—primarily of color—across New York State.

From our inception, Community Voices Heard members have been the lifeblood of our organization. Our members engage in decision-making and shape our issues and campaigns, organize actions and demonstrations, meet with officials and engage in solution-driven conversations about our issues, hold the majority seats on our board of directors, and interview potential staff.


Desde nuestros inicios, los miembros de Community Voices Heard han sido el alma de nuestra organización. Nuestros miembros participan en la toma de decisiones y dan forma a nuestros problemas y campañas, organizan acciones y demostraciones, se reúnen con funcionarios y participan en conversaciones basadas en soluciones sobre nuestros problemas, tienen la mayoría de los escaños en nuestra junta directiva y entrevistan al personal potencial.

Are you a New Yorker affected by one of the issues we work on? Become a member:

Not a low-income New Yorker? You can support our work by becoming a member of our sister organization that's building political power. Click here to learn more and become a CVH Power member!

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