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A Message from our Board of Directors

A letter from Board Co-Chair:

Although this moment is bittersweet, I am also excited to recognize and thank Afua Atta-Mensah, Esq. as she transitions out of her 5-year tenure as Executive Director of Community Voices Heard and Community Voices Heard Power, and simultaneously congratulate Juanita Lewis, longstanding staff member and leader in the grassroots organizing space, who will be stepping up as the organization's next Executive Director, effective September 1st, 2021. We stand in awe of the ascension of these two women who have and continue to forge new paths towards justice and power for black and brown communities.

During her time with the organization, Afua has guided our ship through one of the worst storms in our nation’s history to both evolve and reach unparalleled growth organization-wide. In the midst of chaos and loss, she fearlessly maneuvered us through a challenging presidency and the Covid-19 pandemic; she ensured members had the ability to communicate with each other, not a single staff salary was reduced, and CVH was a first responder for the communities that our government ignored.

It is with deep gratitude and privilege that we watch Afua continue on into the next phase of her career. We are so grateful for her tenure as it has touched and blessed so many of our lives.

As we start to envision a pathway through the lingering effects of the pandemic, we are extremely proud to announce Juanita Lewis as the next Executive Director of CVH and CVHP! Juanita has been with CVH 13-years and now she takes the helm to implement her vision of change which will take us to new and unexpected horizons.

Join us in the celebration of the two incredible leaders of change. Best of luck in your next endeavors, Afua - We Love You!

Congratulations, Juanita - we all look forward to your leadership!

-Giancarlo A. Fernandez, Board Co-Chair

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