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Community Voices Heard's Response to NYCHA CEO Greg Russ' Resignation

Updated: Jan 9, 2023


Contact: Juanita Lewis, 914-519-8588,

September 16, 2022 (NEW YORK, NY) – As a member-led organization that has long fought for NYCHA accountability alongside our membership of NYCHA tenant leaders, we recognize that this is a crucial moment for New York City public housing. This is an opportunity for change that NYCHA residents need and deserve.

The next CEO must prioritize fighting for local, state and federal funding for NYCHA to keep public housing public. NYCHA needs billions of dollars in repairs, and residents cannot wait any longer.

The City has an opportunity to stabilize the lives of thousands of NYCHA residents living in unsafe conditions. Under Russ’ leadership, disastrous conditions have persisted, including mold, rodent infestations, leaks, broken fire exit doors, malfunctioning elevators, and heat and hot water outages, according to a report by the Public Advocate. The City has a fundamental responsibility to make much-needed repairs and modernize all developments.

NYCHA residents must have a meaningful say in the hiring process for the next CEO. No one knows what NYCHA needs more than NYCHA residents. We expect the Adams’ administration to set up a transparent and inclusive process to consult with NYCHA tenants during this time. The new CEO must commit to working with NYCHA residents to create a plan to immediately improve living conditions for NYCHA residents.

We look forward to working with the Adams’ administration and City Council to make this an inclusive process.


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