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Justice for Breonna Taylor & George Floyd


This past week has left me feeling at times furious, sad, questioning and fearful. The murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd are just the latest in a string of senseless state-acted and sanctioned Black deaths at the hands of the police. We now add birdwatching in Central Park and jogging in a neighborhood in Atlanta to the ever growing list of activities that Black people can not do without fear. Christian Cooper was the target of weaponized white fragility and privilege and sadly Ahmaud Arbery was murdered by a white father and son who felt emboldened to do so. These are not isolated incidents, but rather reflective of a pattern of systemic violence. They are the outgrowth of centuries of oppression and dehumanization that have normalized the wanton killing of Black and Brown people in this country. The righteous anger and indignation around these murders have fueled protests across the nation, which have at times yielded more state-sanctioned violence by police departments. What's worse, we are forced to grapple with the taking of Black and Brown lives while combating a plague. Our communities are still reeling from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit us the hardest due to our nation's massive structural inequities. As a Black woman, as a mother, organizer, and person of conscience, my spirit is heavy, but my faith and unyielding fight for liberation tells me to honor our martyrs with a deeper commitment to working towards freedom. I ask you to join us in taking action so that we can set a path for a safer, more equitable tomorrow for Black and Brown communities:

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