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NYCHA residents speak out about housing conditions amid back rent dispute

BRONX, New York (WABC) -- Officials say the number of people falling behind on their rent is up, and the housing authority is losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of it, but residents say that conditions in their apartment are to blame for their late payments.

Maria Arnold said she would invite Eyewitness News in, but her place is a mess.

Photos that Arnold took appeared to show black mold. She says it's the result of a leak upstairs that the housing authority took years to fix.

She showed Eyewitness News a folder with her stack of work orders.

To make matters worse, she says she's sick.

"I'm on a lot of asthma medications, as a matter of fact, I developed COPD," she said.

She says it's because of the black mold. But Arnold is far from the only resident having problems in the building.

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