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STATEMENT: Community Voices Heard Responds to the Murder of Jordan Neely

May 4, 2023

NEW YORK – We are devastated by the murder of Jordan Neely. Being Black and poor in America should not be a death sentence, but too often it is. Violence should never be the response to people in need.

As we have seen again and again, America has two different systems of justice, where people are treated differently based on their race. We cannot rely on our racist systems of policing, prosecution, and incarceration to deliver justice. Justice is housing. Justice is tenant protections. Justice is truly affordable health care. Justice is valuing every life equally, and treating every person with dignity.

Jordan Neely’s death was the direct result of the Mayor and Governor’s absolute failure to invest in our communities. Their denial of his murder is yet another erasure of the needs and lives of Black people.

Our State and City failed Jordan Neely, who should be alive today.

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