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Statement Regarding President-Elect Biden's Housing Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Appointment

December, 9, 2020: New York , NY- We commend President-Elect Joe Biden for selecting U.S. Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (D-Ohio) as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

If confirmed, Secretary Fudge will face the biggest housing crisis our nation has seen in more than a generation. She will have to restaff and re-energize an agency that has been purposefully dismantled. We look forward to engaging with her to develop and implement real solutions as millions face the unmitigated violence of evictions, homelessness and foreclosure. We urge Secretary-nominee Fudge to look to bold policies as enshrined in the Homes Guarantee to deeply invest in new units of public housing and social housing, secure rental relief for tenants, and end homelessness.

Under the Trump administration, HUD weakened and removed essential fair housing protections, and enforcement, imperative to prevent and combat discrimination and racism, which has disproportionately affected Black communities, indigenious communties, and other communities of color.

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