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Supreme Court Upholds Muslim Ban

The Supreme Court has failed our country once again on its mission to uphold justice. Today, in an unsurprising 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump's travel ban. The court proved divided along its usual ideological lines, with the Republican-appointed justices in the majority, making use of a stolen seat filled up by Neil Gorsuch. This third iteration of Trump's Muslim Ban will go into effect on October 18th.

Executive Order (EO) 13780 bans all immigration from six majority Muslim countries, places additional visa restrictions on nationals of Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, and Chad, and includes token restrictions on North Korea and Venezuela.

Community Voices Heard (CVH) condemns this blatant act of racism and xenophobia under the guise of ‘homeland security and public safety.’ CVH will continue to fiercely support and stand with immigrants and immigrant families in New York and beyond. We will not waiver in our opposition of government sanctioned bigotry and our work to bring about immigrant justice and comprehensive immigration reform. We will unite, alongside our many allies and organizations working on the ground, to end all discriminatory policies, that put our immigrant communities under attack.

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