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We Did It. Eviction Moratorium Has Been Extended in NYS!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: When we come together and organize, we win!

After pressuring lawmakers to extend NY’s eviction moratorium and expand access to emergency rental assistance, Community Voices Heard members and tenants across the state are celebrating a victory: last night, New York lawmakers voted to extend the moratorium and expand the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Because people like our members, people like you, stepped up, over 800,000 NY residents are once again safe from eviction.

Let’s be clear: all of us--all of you--helped make this happen.

Over the past two weeks, our members spoke to elected officials and marched in the streets to emphasize our demands. And just this weekend, hundreds of you signed our petition demanding Governor Hochul reconvene the Legislature and extend the moratorium. It was this work that pressured New York lawmakers to pass one of the most extensive protections in the nation.

As long-time leaders in the fight for truly and permanently affordable housing for all New Yorkers, CVH members celebrate this win! We also acknowledge there is more work to be done. The moratorium is a short-term solution for the 860,000 New Yorkers who are behind on their rent. Emergency rental assistance is good, but skyrocketing rents require stronger solutions. That is why we continue to build power in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Westchester, and New York City to win the permanent changes we need to make sure our communities not only survive the housing crisis but come out stronger on the other side.

With hope and solidarity,

Juanita and the CVH Team


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