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Supreme Court won’t hear landlords’ challenge to New York rent stabilization, but keeps door open

After surviving challenges in two federal courts, New York's rent stabilization law was spared a third round of argument at the Supreme Court.

Juanita O. Lewis, executive director of Community Voices Heard, said in a statement provided to Courthouse News that while she was happy to see the case denied, she worried about future possibilities.

"Tenants who live in rent-stabilized apartments — which comprises 41% of the rental apartments in New York City alone — can breathe a sigh of relief," Lewis said.

"But we are concerned that the Supreme Court left open the possibility of reviewing the constitutionality of rent stabilization in a future case. New York, like most of the United States, is in a deep housing crisis. Working-class people cannot afford their rent. Our leaders need to do more to preserve affordable housing and protect tenants."

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